CALMS on Cloud (Learning Management System)

CALMS is designed for the efficient creation of content and delivery of self-paced online learning and blended learning programs. CALMS can automate the entire learning management process, from learner registration, to enrolment, tracking and reporting, communication, certification, and beyond.

Cognolabs has rich experience in developing courses using various pedagogies and methodologies like storytelling, interviewing, case study and narration. Over the years, we have proactively enhanced our expertise in the e-learning domain and leveraged our skills in developing e-learning material.

The CALMS engine integrates all the features of a learning system starting from the basics to the most advanced CARE (Cognition Ability Recognition and Enhancement) technology. CARE technology is Cognolabs’ in the lab developed innovative research that helps CALMS record the understanding levels of students while they are studying. Cognolabs offers CALMS for its services to corporate for training their employees; educational institutions to enhance and support classroom teaching; Industries for compliance and internal trainings and individual learners like students for their regular courses, employees for refreshing, enhancing and updating with new demands and knowledge seekers to learn new developments.

Features of CALMS

Individual Learners


Content Authoring


Course Management


Test Management


Class Management

Multimedia Integration

Content Review

Progress Monitoring

Web Casting/Web Conferencing 

Performance Reviewing 





Admission & Enrolment Management 


Institutions & Faculty Management 

Online Classes 

Analytics and Business Intelligence



Knowledge Base 



What is unique about CALMS
Our experience in education vertical, proven training methodology and the use of most advanced technology makes us different from others.

CALMS has the following very unique features:
Structured methodology driven learning
Course planning and monitoring
Capability analysis Capacity building
Attention deficiency recognition
Intelligent counselling
Reusable content architecture
Class room analytics
Psychometric analysis & behavioural pattern based counselling
Cognolabs powered CARE technology More...